A Roll Call of Reimaginers

Written by: Shauneen Procter (Partner: Idea Engineers, Co-founder: Reimagine Impact Incubator)

Pro-activity is not our innate resting state. Crises therefore present us with opportunities to galvanise action. Opportunities to reimagine our socio-economic and political outcomes, in a manner that is more enduring and inclusive than the current status quo. There is no shortage of rhetoric on the subject. The talk is pervasive, but our actions lag.

There is however a remarkable roll call of reimaginers who are leading the charge:

Karidas Tshintsholo exemplifies action in both financial literacy and an award-winning app that gives emerging farmers access to markets

Taddy Blecher at the Maharishi Institute in downtown Johannesburg. An exceptional learn-and-earn, fee-free university that won the coveted award as the world’s most innovative tertiary education institution

Lyal White at the Johannesburg Business School, launching an MBA for entrepreneurs in 2020. A compelling program, much needed in light of this Global Entrepreneurship Monitor statistic: 2% of high-expectation, pre-revenue start-ups account for 31% of jobs created in SA. In this TEDx talk, Shakes Motsilili urges us to look to entrepreneurs and SMEs for job creation & poverty alleviation

Claire Janisch and Gamelihle Sibanda at BiomimicrySA, advocate for inclusive and sustainable biomimetic principles in all our endeavours – including but not limited to business, engineering, architecture and design (add their biomimicry tours to your bucket list )

Anton Baumann and his team at Empowerment Capital Investment Partners who emphatically and elegantly harness the spirit of the B-BBEE code to deliver ESD (enterprise and supplier development) that achieves impactful and inclusive transformation through performance investment

The gift of crisis is a time for reimagining. Let’s join this roll call of reimaginers and not squander the gift of our socio-economic crises. Necessity is our ally, too, for it is the mother of invention.

Reimagining tip: Challenge the dominant logic and never waste a crisis.

Hope springs eternal when we reimagine, and act.



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