RiSA is a Platform for inspiring and enabling South Africans to reimagine and rebuild our society into one we can all be proud of.  Its operational model is to connect individuals, organisations in the civil society, public and private sectors to infuse their work with the common goal: a society with a More Human Face.


RiSA aims to identify, engage and promote connections between the multitude of organisations that are doing good to collaborate and share ideas to advance the central purpose of making South Africa a prosperous and inclusive democracy where everyone’s talents are unleashed.

RiSA promotes the idea of a Nectopus (network of networks) that leverages the complementary strengths of each participating entity to enhance their own performance whilst contributing to the shared outcome:

  • Co-creators RiSA is committed to a Collaboration model with various individuals and organisations that will enhance and complement our efforts.
  • Influencers who are already well connected bringing with them access to their networks and beyond.
  • Implementers are the many NPOs, NPCs, Faith Based Organizations, Public (education and training; health care institutions) and Private sector entities that share the common goal to infuse the Reimagined SA with a More Human Face as an overall framing theme and desired outcome.


What would a Reimagined South Africa look like?

The dream that inspired the founding of our constitutional democracy was that of a non-racial, non-sexist, socially just society where all would contribute to shared prosperity.  We need to reimagine that dream and reshape it for today.

What values would characterise a SA with a More Human Face?

Our human rights based Constitution has a Bill of Rights embodying the values that should shape our social relationships.  They most important being are:

  • Equality of all citizens
  • Human dignity
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

These values are embodied in UBUNTU – the I Am Because You Are. These values need to drive our personal, professional and political lives and the choices we make.


RiSA will identify strengths in the Nectopus and leverage them to enable the whole to be larger than the sum of the parts.

RiSA will enable those in the Nectopus to be able to act where they are in terms of their own mission to contribute to the greater goal of building a society with a more human face. RiSA will work with others in the Nectopus to train trainers of facilitators to develop in-house capacity in the multiplicity of entities in our society to enable conversations that would lead to actions that enhance the Human Face of our society.


The focus of RiSA’s work is on the largest segment of our society (37% of our population are between 14-35 years of age) that is also the most likely group to be receptive to the idea of growing up in a society with a More Human Face: THE YOUTH