Civic Education

We will leverage off the school curriculum that has a school subject entitled Life Orientation. RiSA will work with school systems, private and public, to introduce the study of the Constitution, debates on the Bill of Rights and other aspects over which there is no unanimity. This will ensure that young people have a clearer concept of their Rights and Responsibilities as citizens.

Custom-made programmes will also be developed for higher education and Adult Basic Education Programmes to enhance the quality of citizenship in our society.

Facilitative Leadership

Here the focus is on those dealing with young people: Parents, Teachers, Principals, Deputies and District officials.  Drawing on lessons from and collaborating with: Global Teachers Institute; BRIDGE (a network of education practitioners); Partners for Possibilities and many other programs.

RiSA will develop custom made programmes to help adults to be better enablers of the development of young people.

Sustainable Socio-economic Development Programmes

Youth unemployment is threatening the stability of our society.  We need to leverage the work done by many in the NPO, NPC, Business Schools and Private and Public Sector interventions to promote sustainable entrepreneurship.

RiSA will advocate for interventions by appropriate actors in this space to address the most pressing constraints:

  • Ecosystems that support entrepreneurs
  • Training and developing young minds to develop their ideas into marketable products and services
  • Establishing systems of mentors and coaches to support these young people’s ventures
  • Setting up a Venture Capital Fund to reduce the cost of capital and create a more user- friendly accessible support base for vibrant enterprises

Effective Sustained Communication

To effectively connect, advocate for and sustain actions to reimagine and rebuild ours into a society with a More Human Face requires sustained strategic communication programmes to inspire citizens to become change agents where-ever they are in day to day engagements.