We facilitate the reimagining of our country into the ground breaking constitutional democracy committed to government by the will of the people, accountability and social justice.  We promote emotional and socio-economic settlements that are essential to healing the wounds of our past and unleashing the talents and potentials of all citizens to rebuild South Africa’s prosperous democracy.

What is Emotional Settlement

Emotional Settlement is the process of dealing with our nation’s past and healing the wounds of divisions as enjoined by the Preamble of our Constitution in order to unleash our collective potential, talents and energies in an enabled socio-political and economic environment.

Our task requires each and every one of us who lives in this beautiful land to play our part wherever we are stationed across various communities, schools, government agencies, businesses and civil society organisations. This will enable us to reach the critical mass necessary to realise the impact of our collective efforts toward building a country we can all be proud of.


To establish a reimagined and rebuilt South Africa promised at the birth of a new nation where there’s:

  • an emotional settlement to heal the divisions of our nation’s past
  • shared vision and accountability in our nation based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights
  • talent is unleashed in an enabled socio-political and economic environment
  • the philosophy of Ubuntu is actualized